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Saturday, April 24, 2010


This public service message, "Swashbucklers", made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was honored by Noral Group's National Media Survey. It was recognized for it's high production quality, and exceptional combination of excitement, humor, and warmth.

This is one of the best public service messages I have seen. It catches the attention immediately. When it ends with the message of spending quality family time together it does so without being cheesy. The other videos in the Church's "Homefront" series share the same qualities. They do a great job appealing to the general audience and clearly convey the point.

I have not seen any of these commercials on air, which is a little disappointing. Public service announcements, no matter how impressive, are not going to be very popular on YouTube and other Internet media sites.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HTC Hero

I got a new phone this week! I've always told myself that I'm the kind of girl that just wants a phone that calls people and that I don't need anything fancy. That feeling has been lost- never, ever, ever to return. I am now too spoiled.

It was the synergy of having a brother-in-law working for Sprint and having a geek husband. I think it would embarrass them if I had a basic phone.

So my new, pricey prize is the HTC Hero. It's the best phone I've had yet! It's an Android phone, meaning its OS and applications are open source (aka mostly free). And it's made by Google. I have a crush on Google. And it has a 5 mega pixel camera! I have a crush on that too!

About 75% of the applications are free so I already have games and music and all kinds of awesome things to distract me. Some of my favorites so far are Sudoku, Pandora, Google Stars, Wattpad, ShopSavvy and the Sound Grenade.

The touch screen on this phone is nice. It has a really solid feel to it and it doesn't seem to lag. I'm still getting used to texting, like most touch screens sloppy fingers mess things up pretty quick.

And always a great thing about a phone is that it calls people. It does this very well. Easy to dial, good sound, good speaker, the works.

So this phone has the frills and the basics and I love it. The next big test - that I hope more than anything I can avoid - is the pretty much inevitable drop. Because I'm clumsy and air-headed and dang good at dropping things.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Jewelry Collection at Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a great new jewelry collection that is both feminine and bold. I love these new styles that stand out and definitely make a statement. Be sure to check them out, even if it's only to lust after them.

Blazing Sky Ring $38

Grand Span Necklace $68

In-Plain-Sight Ring $28

Ushio Ring $158

Primrose Soiree Earrings $148

Globe Rose Necklace $88

Swing Era Necklace $218

Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth & Vine

I visited Baker City, Oregon this week and found a pleasant surprise. We went out for lunch with the girls and ate at a charming new restaurant on historical First Street. Earth & Vine specializes in wine tasting, features an art gallery, and has a great lunch menu. It has an artsy, elegant, and personal feel.

We ordered the Trio Plate and the Three Cheese and Truffle Fondue. The food was plentiful and delicious. The fondue was served with bread as well as apple slices. The apple was excellent with the cheese. The artichoke dip on the trio plate is a must.

Earth & Vine is a breakthrough for small-town Baker City. Located in the century old Pythian Castle, it brings new life to a historical district.

Three Cheese and Truffle Fondue - Three cheeses blended with white wine and truffle oil. Served with fruit, Focaccia and dark rye bread.

Trio Plate - Artichoke dip, Olive Tapenade & cheese Torta. Served with fresh bread.